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      Every woman is a "Woman of the Year" to someone in her life. Here's to the "Wooty" in your world.

      Funny how a nickname can catch on. After being named our local "Woman Of The Year," my friends enjoyed calling me "Wooty," an admiring acronym in honor of my "title." Flattered, yes... but I was also humbled as these ladies who showered me with such a fun-loving nickname were truly accomplished women in their own right. My thoughts then turned to that fact that there are many women in my life that deserved such recognition... my Mother, my Sister, my Daughter, Aunts, Nieces... They are all special to me. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that every woman is a "Woman Of The Year" to someone in her life.
      As most ladies, I am blessed with a stellar circle of family and friends. We share all together: our lives and loves, our wine and our secrets, our hopes and dreams and even our fears. We are there for each other through joys and sorrows, birthdays and bad hair days, and everything in between. Each of these women inspire me in one way or another. Each of them deserve to be called "Woman Of The Year." And each one is my "Wooty."
      Therefore, I created my company "All Things Wooty" to salute those ladies who inspire me each and every day. Through this company, I commit to create opportunities, not only to celebrate the extraordinary talents, gifts and accomplishments of incredible women everywhere, but to also provide an avenue to generate and provide support to women and organizations that are making a difference in the lives of others. The Wooty Foundation Fund, along with the soon-to-come "Who's Your Wooty?" line of fun and flirty girlfriend gifts, will allow you to recognize the "Wooty" in your life, and help make a difference in the lives of others.
L.A. Hogan -
Creator of "Who's Your Wooty?"
(and the ever-inspired Champion of each and every "Wooty" in the world!)